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At the end of the 90s the skateboard market was dominated by big brands managed by managers light years away from the philosophy of the nascent street skateing scene. In those years Mark Gonzales, a very famous skater and considered by many to be one of the inventors of modern street skateing, skated for Vision Skateboards, one of the biggest brands of the time. Convinced by Steve Rocco, a late-career pro freestyler with a great desire to be an entrepreneur, Mark quit Vision and partnered with Steve to launch his new company. As a sign of mockery and opposition to Vision, the brand was called Blind which in English means "blind". It was the beginning of a revolution that would change the history of skateboarding forever within a few years. Almost 30 years later Blind Skateboards is alive and well, produced and distributed by a skater-operated-company (Dwindle) and has one of the strongest teams around with riders like TJ Rogers, Cody McEntire, Sewa Kroetkov, Kevin Romar and Yuto Horigome.

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