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Precision rollerblading frames engineered for endless freeride. One frame, two setups: 4-wheel balanced rocker, 3-wheel flat triskate.

Endless Blading have engineered these frames to be not only lightweight and strong, but also to be versatile and fun. Multiple setup options allow one frame to suit a variety of skating styles. Go from a maneuverable and zippy 4-wheel setup to a 3-wheel triskate cruiser in minutes.

The 4-wheel setups on each frame feature our unique recipe of rockering that balances front-to-back stability with responsiveness and maneuverability. This greatly enhances what we like to call the "Whee!" Factor. And all those swively tricks you've been wanting to learn.

The 3-wheel setups on each frame are configured flat for the best power transfer when cruising down a trail or commuting across the city. We have minimized the ride height for maximum stability. The triskate experience doesn't get more solid than this.

These frames are suitable for a variety of mounts including 165mm, UFS and Trinity.

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